Frequently Asked Questions

How does Squideo work?

To begin working on a project, we'll need the following from you:

  • Your Script (our copywriters can produce a script for you based on provided information should you require).
  • Your branding and any specific pictures, logos, screenshots or clips you wish to use along side our provided animation.
  • Your music and voice over choices (we'll send over samples to choose from once your project is underway)
  • Visual ideas (not necessary, but we allow for any direction from yourself should you wish to provide it) - This can be in storyboard format, or a simple annotated script.

Step 1) We require a 50% deposit to begin working. 

Step 2) If you require script writing, we schedule and produce a draft script based on the information you have provided for your review within 3 working days. 

Step 3) Once this has been signed off by yourself we will commence work on the video and we'll provide a draft for your review within 7 working days of that date. If you provide a complete script, we begin the animation process right away  (If the project is longer than one minute there may be a longer delivery time, we will inform you if an extension is required). 

Step 4) We'll send over your draft video and we'll also provide access to a revision form where you can detail all relevant changes to the video in order for us to get this just right for you. All visual revisions detailed on this form are free of charge.

Step 5) We send over your revised version with your implemented revisions within 5 working days of submission of our revision form.

Step 6) The final balance is settled on your satisfaction.

Can I make revisions to my video after I receive it?

Yes, we offer FREE unlimited visual revisions to the first draft! 

Most videos do require revisions. Visual revisions are free of charge and unlimited if submitted within 10 days via our revisions system. So even if we miss the mark (rarely), you're covered!

Will my video come with a voice over?

Professional voice overs are supplied with our videos.

A voice over completely changes the dynamic of your video, with an implemented voice over; we don't have to display the entire script on screen, we can focus more on your imagery and animated visuals, further increasing engagement and impact of your video.

We use fantastic, professional voice over artists we'll provide samples of different artists to choose from once your project is underway.

How long will it take for my video to be delivered?

We’ll have your draft videos ready within 7 working days of payment.


If you require script writing, we deliver a draft script for your review within 3 working days, we'll have your draft ready within 7 working days of script approval.

Here at Squideo, We work Monday - Friday.

Will my video be branded to my company?

Absolutely! We always keep your video on brand. This way, it will place seamlessly on your website, social media or wherever you wish.

How long will my script need to be for a 30 second video?

As a rough guide, we recommend 75 words per 30 seconds of video. For longer projects this can be increased slightly.

This is an ideal, comfortable pace that gives your viewers enough time to digest information, whilst also providing enough time to display animation relevant to the subject on screen.

Can I use my own images, screenshots and content in my video?

Yes! Simply provide them along with the rest of the information for your video.

Are our videos based on templates?

No, we build every video from scratch in a style to sit your brand, every video is unique and is designed to place seamlessly in marketing campaigns, or on your website.

Will Squideo branding appear in my video?

No, we never use our own branding in videos produced for our customers.

Will I own the rights to my video?

Yes, you'll own the commercial rights to your finished video. We may use assets that were used in other projects. Specific characters that were created for your project will not be used in other projects.

What file type and resolution will my video be supplied in?

We provide all our videos in MP4 format (ideal for YouTube and all social media platforms), in 1080p resolution.

We're an agency, can we supply your videos to our clients?

Yes, we love working with agencies!

I don't have a script, can you write one for me?

Yes! We have an in-house copywriter on hand who can create fantastic scripts for any project. Scripts will be sent back to you for your review prior to the animation process, so you can be confident the script we have created is just right.

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